Over a period of 22 years, my wife, two partners and I have built an extremely satisfying manufacturing business from start-up to a thriving $35 million, 135 person operation, in an ultra-modern 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Wixom, MI.

Facing severe competitive threats, and unable to implement sustainable change in both my workforce and my production operation, I/we faced the very real prospects to going out of business about 7 years ago.  It was then that I met Garry Peterson and was introduced to his approach of implementing Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence methods within a very high-paced and demanding business environment.

Following three months of his part-time guidance, and with my attempts to bring about the necessary company change, I could see that the present organization and the people within that organization either would not, or could not, make the long-term sustainable changes necessary to growth and thrive.

I then offered Garry the position of Chief Operating Officer and gave him, literally, carte blanche authority to “make it happen”, and, of course, do it as quickly as possible.  He took the holistic approach and began working on his “Six Key Components of Business”, namely, Vision/Mission, People, Metrics, Processes, Issues and Execution.  His simple (he does this a lot) explanation was that it’s a “systems” thing, and everything affects everything else.  For about 6 terrific months, we were making great progress, with an entirely different manufacturing/supply chain strategy and many new function managers.

Then, our two main customers, who account for about 70% of our sales, demanded that we reduce our prices even further, and therefore our production costs, by about 40-50% within the next year.  As we could see this coming, we had begun a “China Strategy” and by 2006 we had built a Greenfield plant, under Garry’s direction, in Ningbo Province, China, and ultimately moved our entire production operation there at a cost of over 125 Michigan manufacturing jobs…regrettable, but necessary.

Over the span of three years, Garry and his newly formed “A” team had completed an incredible list of accomplishments: e.g., reduced our production costs by 40% to 60% on many key components, increased through-put from 55% to 96%, improved quality PPM’s by over 80% and capacity by 40% (and with fewer capital assets), gain new customers and enabled me to sell the company for a very good price in a difficult market.

Garry is the ultimate professional who has an enduring passion for his work, and we have survived and thrived due mostly to his efforts and the strong contributions of the high performance team that Garry created.  I highly recommend Garry to determine both “what” course of action is necessary to improve a business, and to implement the “how” to make it a sustainable reality.  The Knowledge Transfer is Priceless!

Don Leith, President
Panther Global Technologies


“Being a firm believer of “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” we had the fortunate opportunity to contract with Garry Peterson and his staff of Lean professionals during a particularly tough time in our business. We faced tremendous losses and unbelievable resistance to change operating an antiquated process using antiquated systems. Without change we were headed for bankruptcy as seen in heavy losses for a number of years. Mr Peterson was able to instill the Lean Principles and Practices in our managers and employees that we actively continue to benefit from to this day. We successfully compete in a world arena manufacturing a product in our facility in the worst economic area of the US. Our business today is in the very best condition we’ve been in since our inception in 1945. We are here only because of Garry Peterson, his staff and following the Lean Principles we learned through very comprehensive training. I highly recommend Mr. Peterson to assist you in the process of this “Change for Success”. The cost has been returned many times over.”

-Darryl S. Hammock
Weld Mold Company


“As a Senior Partner, I introduced Garry to many of my clients.  He IMMEDIATELY connected with the owners and Operations guys and gained their TRUST.  He was able to deliver hard messages that they responded to willingly and successfully.”  Tom Doescher – Managing Partner, Plante Moran PLLC

“Garry Peterson’s greatest strength is his ability to work well with others and get them to ‘buy into’ what he preaches.  He has extensive experience in teaching and implementation with proven results in business process improvements.”  Sooi Chong Vice President, Polyone Corporation

World Class Leadership are the first words that come to mind when I am asked to describe Garry and his key strengths.  We worked together on several major engagements, where I witnessed how Garry would apply his ample skill sets to teach company owners how to save business units that would have otherwise failed.  Garry is equally at home helping subordinates realize their potential by mentoring and guiding them through the challenges of the ever changing business climate.”  Stu Wiles – Chandler Wiles

“A truly unique professional with leadership and teaching skills that offered the heart-felt solutions to problems both in life and in business.  The only non-professor that I ever allowed to teach my MBA classes in Organizational Behavior.”  Dr. Harry Bury, Chair – DBA Program Emeritus, Baldwin-Wallace University, Priest, author of “An Invitation to Think and Feel Differently in the New Millenium”

“Garry provided significant guidance and coaching skills, from the inception of my 4 person startup through my growth to a significant social media company with over 15 employees.  Garry has a realistic grasp of the needs and actions required for a successful entrepreneurial venture.”  Paul Markham, Founder, Markham Creative Group

“Garry spent many hours working with The Flagler Playhouse enhancing the quality of our volunteer program.  His expertise was integral in helping our organization move toward a more productive solution to the needs of our Theatre. Garry was personable, a great listener, and willing to share his vast knowledge to meet our needs.” Michelle O’Neil – President, The Flagler Playhouse

“As the Founder and Owner of a diverse manufacturing company, my business had gotten very complex.  Garry has the incredible ability to take the complicated and make it very simple and manageable.  I am truly in his debt for all that he and his team accomplished in a relatively short time.”  John Dedoes – President, Dedoes Industries

“As Resident Engineer at my GM Assembly Plant, Garry had significant production and customer vehicle safety issues to deal with daily.  His problem solving capability, decision making, trusting his convictions, team building skills and professionalism, earned my respect and trust, and allowed me to delegate to him often.”  Jim Heise – Plant Manager, GMAD

“Garry always had a unique ability to communicate with people and share his knowledge and experience selflessly.  But, his greatest asset, to me, was his insatiable desire to ask ‘why.’  Whenever you bumped into Garry, he was always asking ‘why do we…”  Bill Haase – Director, GM Engineering Center

“As a recently acquired business, my company had to comply with policies and procedures that were new and different for me, my staff and our employees.  Garry was charged with managing this diversity and transition, and it was a challenge that he took on readily and accomplished brilliantly.”  Peter Byra – President, Wilson Color

“As we were tasked to change our entire business model, including product, services, etc., Garry was called in to oversee this massive change effort. He was able to inspire the workforce, rally the troops, and complete the mission in a relatively short period of time.”  Kent Darragh – President, Cadillac Plastics