When my daughter graduated from high school, and headed to college, I thought it apropos to give her some “unsolicited advice.” Now, many years later, she still has this short document laminated on her frig! So, I thought I would share it with you…

• Select a career that is satisfying and fun, almost like a hobby, not just a lucrative job that provides material wants, and be passionate about your work

Select a mate that has similar goals, personality and interests as you – no matter how long it takes to find that person – and don’t expect someone else to be in charge of your happiness

• Place 10% of EVERY paycheck in the bank for retirement, separate from savings – don’t touch it under any circumstances

• Spend more time listening than talking – you don’t learn anything from talking

• Make your friendships 60/40 – you give the 60%

• Create a balance in your life – often blending or sharing interests and hobbies that are quite different from your day-to-day lifestyle

• Nurture the network of contacts, friends and acquaintances with a sincere dedication and ability to reciprocate

• Coach, teach and offer assistance to those who you might influence, much as mentors have helped you

• Don’t worry about things or people’s behavior that you cannot control – you can only make a difference where you have control

• Embrace risk-taking…only a person who risks is free

Nothing is worth ruining your reputation – you develop just one

• Do what you love, do it with people you love, do it WELL!


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