“Who Put Me in CHARGE?” is the reference book that has enabled our clients to “GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL”:

  • Understanding your business role and responsibilities
  • Managing expectations for yourself and your team
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals and reaching them
  • Creating a blueprint for taking any size company to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Building accountability and discipline in your improvement process
  • Adding a wide scope of “lessons learned” to your skill set going forward
  • Developing a TOOL BOX to handle any leadership or management issues raised
  • Expanding your experience base with actual knowledge from successful activities
  • Having the ultimate “go-to” reference guide for you and your team’s constant use

Businesses today face daily challenges that stress the resources of even the most prepared and enlightened companies. PETERSON ADVISORS GROUP can help your company cut costs, increase efficiency, sustain operational improvements and, in turn, increase profits.

Garry’s business book, “Who Put Me in CHARGE?” and the companion Implementation Guide for Getting to the NEXT LEVEL will show you how!